Nowadays the distances between supplier plants and end customer’s plants are increasing. Resercing offers highly skilled Resident Engineers, who represent the supplier at final customer’s production site.

Of course, our Resident Engineer services can be fully customized.

Resident Engineer basic tasks examples:

  • Pre-analysis of non-conformity parts, immediate reporting to client.
  • Quality management in case of customer’s claims / issues on-the-spot.
  • Management and monitoring of containment actions.
  • Collect and provide additional information to customer, in order to speed up problem analysis / claim solution.
  • Frequent sample checks of parts according to customer’s needs.
  • Daily contact and reports according to the customer’s needs.
  • Monitoring of rejection rates at final customer’s plant.
  • Attend meetings, support during customer’s visits.
  • Support for homologation processes.


The Resident Engineer helps you to

  • Save costs
    • reducing risk of possible claims à less penalty costs
    • Less ppm
    • More detailed information
  • Save time
    • Short reaction time in case of end-customers complaints
    • Immediate feedback/communication in case of complaint
    • Supervision and monitoring of containment actions
    • Fast shipping management of non-conformity parts
  • Improve communication
    • Establish and grow contact network with responsible persons at customer’s plant
    • On-time first-hand information
  • Improve your company’s image
  • Deepen positive business relationship with end customer
  • Improve end customer’s satisfaction